The world is counting on Susan G. Komen® to make an impact on breast cancer. Our impact is not going to be measured in footsteps, but instead will be measured in dollars raised toward finding the cures. Registration fees pay for the event but personal giving and fundraising is what enables Komen to save lives here locally. For this reason, please consider the impact you can make as a donor or fundraiser for this year's Race.

    It's easy to get started so if you haven't yet started fundraising, now's the time. If you have started, nice work! Keep it up, set a goal, and earn some of these amazing prizes for your efforts. If you need a little extra motivation, dedicate your efforts to someone you know who has been touched by breast cancer. Invite them to join you on Race Day. Earning fundraising rewards for your efforts is easy to do. So, what are you waiting for? Make an impact. Start fundraising now.

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